Chicago, what a town.  On Friday Aug. 30th, we were scheduled to go to Portage Indiana but we decided to make an 81 mile run straight to DuSable Harbor in Chicago. We had to tack back and forth for 4 hours across 2-3' seas but the waves were subsiding and it was a nice run.  The Cubs were playing a game on the same day we arrived so we took an Uber to Wrigley Field and got to experience dedicated fans and a win for the cubs.  It was funny that we decided to stay until the end and let the crowd leave to make it easer to get around, but most of the fans stayed and even sang a Cubs song after the game.  

On Saturday, we walked the town and boy did we walk. It amazed us how many people were walking everywhere and if they weren't walking, they were running or riding bikes.  The next couple days were spent going to the Aquarium, Grocery shopping at Mariano's, and shopping on Magnificent Mile. 

On Saturday night, we went to mass at Holy Name Cathedral.  It was amazing to see and the Female Cantor sang beautifully. That evening was the last weekly fire works show right next to our harbor by Navy Pier with three barges firing them off at the same time for 15 minutes.

On Monday evening, we decided to visit the Emergency Room at Northwestern Memorial hospital.  I wasn't feeling just right but it was just an infection and that's all I am saying about that.

On Tuesday September 3rd, we were scheduled to start heading down the river at 8 AM but high winds and thunder storms prevented us from leaving until 11 AM.

Chicago is a town that is worth coming back to by land or sea.

Chicago nightly view from our slip in DuSable Harbor
Chicago skyline from Lk. Michigan Our 81 mile trip from South Haven to Chicago

Wrigley Field Cubs Game

Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago

Chicago Sunrise on Lk. Michigan from our Pier.

Weekly Saturday Fire works done the right way, 15 minutes of grand finale.

I saw Trump
Chicago Skyline from the Aquarium.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital was a nice place to visit. The Windy City, we did leave this day 3 hours later.



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    Cesolin Tesolin You guys look great. Must have been a very short stay at the hospital Dave? Glad your on your way again. All is going well on this side of town ?

    Carmen Mamo That must be so nice to see it from the boat. It’s such a fun town. You guys are doing well? So much fun. Glad to hear from you. Enjoy.

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