7/28/2019 Sunday day 2


 We left the port of Port Austin at 7:54 AM and headed straight north towards Alpena and Thunder Bay on calm seas. We did not see one construction barrel and there was hardly any traffic.  We decided not to go to East Tawas since winds are predicted to get up to 30 MPH on Monday and they are just 5 MPH today.  We made port at Mackinaw City Municipal Marina at 2 PM after a 166 mile run and filled up with 166 gallons of diesel, not bad eh.  We should get even better fuel economy when we slow down. There are 3 other loopers here from Florida, Georgia and not sure about the third yet.  We passed up many ports that we have been to in the last 10 years including Harrisville, Alpena, Rogers City, Hammond Bay, Presque Isle, and Cheboygan.  We ran into a little fog for about a hour near Thunder Bay at Alpena but other than that, it was a smooth beautiful run.  Sea Major liked 3030 RPMs today at 30 mph with an average speed today of 27 mph.  We are planning on staying here for a few days and catching up on organizing and cleaning the boat. We may take a ferry to Mackinaw Island, we been running so hard it may be nice and cheaper to hitch a ride.  This is a very nice marina with a great staff and plenty to do and see here.

We received bad news from Matt this evening that his place got hit by a tornado and he is just assessing the damages and cleaning up, I think he and his house are ok.

Some of the pics are of the Presque Isle light house, Rogers City, and the Mackinaw Ice Breaker.





1 thought on “7/28/2019 Sunday day 2”

  1. Carmen Mamo Wow you took some great pictures. Glade you had great weather. Hope Matt is ok. Have fun.

    David Mamo Matt is ok, thanks

    Bud Pennington Looks like fun, I’m heading up that way (mackinaw) this week….
    If you’re still there I’ll look for you.

    David Mamo Great

    Jeanne Wunderle We’ll enjoy following your adventures!

    Chuck Luke It’s like you have some weather headed your way

    David Mamo replied
    Barbara Henk Beautiful pic!

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