Illinois River to the Mighty Mississippi River

 Alton Illinois on the Mississippi is the place to be if you are a Looper and on the way down the rivers.  This will be the last fuel stop for the next 268 miles at Paducah Kentucky. YIKES. We had an interesting ride here from Peoria. Most stop at Havana, tie up at La Grange, or got to Grafton and some do all three or anchor out in many areas along the Illinois River.  Val and I decided to make a 9h23m 184 mile run in one day. With an average cruising speed of 31.8 mph, we had to slow down for 2 locks, many barges pushing along, and some fishermen.  We did slow down to see 3 different Bald Eagles but the pics were to small. Unfortunately, we hit something about 40 miles out from our destination and we now have a vibration that needs attention. We will be Pulling the boat out the water tomorrow to check the props.  I did bring one spare set just incase this happened, hopefully I do not need two sets.   We are sweltering in 94 deg. humid heat right now and planning to shove off on Monday the 16th.  Sea Major is under a canopy with power and air conditioning for the record.  

By the way, we got to go to a PBR Professional Bull Riding Championship while in Peoria, It was great. If you see it on cable, we were to the left of the gate, 10 rows up. 

Tip of the day:  The best way to end a conflicting conversation with someone who is in authority over you is to just say "OK".  It does not mean you agree, it just means you understand what they are trying to tell you and then they will stop talking.  No Wake Zone. OK.

The Hippie store in Alton, IL

Told Ya
PBR opening ceremony.

These guys are nuts.
They weren’t smart enough to slow down for a slow pass, not sure how bad I waked them.

Look how high the house is built up on stilts, I always slowed down for no wake.

Bluffs coming into the Mississippi River.
Peoria and the Spirit of Peoria.
Historic Alton, IL
Alton Marina, under cover.
Eagle Eye needed to see the Eagle


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    Jeanne Wunderle Love your posts! Hope all is well with your boat when you pull it tomorrow.

    Bud Pennington Cool pic of the boat in the quarantine tent…. ????
    Or is that how they do air conditioning on the river???

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