Marooned in South Haven


South Haven is a great little town but it is not a good place to stay in the marina if there is a westerly wind.  We had to extend our three day stay to five days due to the weather on lake Michigan.  The westerly winds and swells kept us rocking all day and night. One night, I had to have 11 lines on the boat instead of the normal 4 lines.  On the positive side, we had a nice dinner at Clementine, saw some nice sunsets, went to a concert in the park, and saw an incredible 2 hour lightning show after sunset.

We left on a fair day with subsiding 3-4' waves to Chicago on Friday the 30th . Our trip to Portage IN will have to wait for another time.

A magnificent 2 hour lightning show in South Haven, MI

Sunset in South Haven, MI

Concert in the Park at our Marina

Took a nice dinghy ride miles up the river and saw this old Rail Road bridge.


2 thoughts on “Marooned in South Haven”

  1. What a lightning show! I like the addition of video. Must have been tough sleeping with the swells and the dock lines surging. Looks like the boat is riding nice through the lake. Anxiously awaiting the next update, keep up the good work. Might I suggest an overview of your course so far on a chart, I would find it interesting to follow. We continue to explore the local waterways back at the home port. Happy boating! Joe

  2. Facebook comments:

    Carmen Mamo You took some beautiful pictures. Looks like a beautiful place. I hope you get better weather soon. The clouds are kind of pretty. Be safe and take care. David your voice sounds nice. You should do broadcasting.

    Gayle Court Spiteri Sorry we missed you, just got in on Friday. Sorry you had crazy weather. Safe travels.

    David Mamo So close. Sorry too

    Bud Pennington Dave,
    I thought the pics were cool… but the videos are wonderful!!!
    The lightening show was unbelievable, how great that you caught that on video!!!…See More

    Bud Pennington We are down in indy in the motor home, for the NHRA US Nationals, we got rain last night, but nothing as cool as what you saw!!!
    Be safe, Bud

    Joe Mamo Great lite show Dave. Enjoy, hope the rest of the loop is fair weathered.

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