Moving thru South Florida and halfway on the Loop


Christmas in Florida is much different than in Michigan.  We did see some nice Christmas lights at the Naples Botanical Garden and we had a nice visit with Val's dad Bob in Titusville, FL.  Fort Myers Beach and Pink Shell Marina was a nice stay but we were ready to move on December 30th. We cancelled our plans to go to Marco Island and took a 135 mile trip straight to Marathon Key.  We had a great day to travel for 5.5 hours as predicted by the contracted weather man Chris Parker ( Chris helped with the predictions of a smooth passage and we will use him again on any journey in the future that might put us at risk like the upcoming Bahama Crossings.

Marlin Bay Resort and Marina on Marathon Key has been a very comfortable stay with a well protected harbor.  Renting a car for three weeks has given us some much needed freedom and independence to travel the keys by land looking for a possible retirement location in the future. 

Key West and Key Largo are our next planned stops as we make the next big left turn and start heading north. After 6 months on the boat, we still don't have a clear plan on what we are going to do after July, 2020.  

Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "holy shit… what a ride!"

Which way would you go?
Christmas with Bob Wilson was very nice.
Christmas with Bob Wilson was very nice.
Naples Botanical Garden Christmas Lights.
Naples Botanical Garden Christmas Lights.

No pot of gold at the end, this was our view from the back of our boat at Pink Shell.
No pot of gold at the end, this was our view from the back of our boat at Pink Shell.
These guys went 60 miles off shore to get these, the Cobia was very good.

A Pink Shell sunset
The Titusville Alligator from Bob’s house.  
The best cinnamon rolls at Mom’s Restaurant in Fort Meyers Beach.
And don’t forget to eat some great tacos.
Larry and Sharon Walters payed us a nice visit at Pink Shell.

This is what Marlin Bay looks like on New Years Eve.
Best pool ever at Marlin Bay, Marathon Key.
Pete, Richard and Devin let me go fishing with them a couple times out of Marlin Bay.
We had fun landing this shark and throwing him back in.
Mangrove Snappers are very tasty.

My patch job after catching to many cat fish back in Fort Myers, the salt water cat fish are nasty.
Rock lobsters do not have any claws.
San Pablo Catholic Church, Marathon Key since 1948.
Sunset Beach, Key Colony, and a tribute to Elizabeth Devlin.
Saw this guy gunkholing around with the dinghy.
Manitou visits are common.
Val says all I want to do is eat, she is right.
Fred, the salt-sprayed Australian pine tree on old seven mile bridge that survived Hurricane Irma and gave everyone returning much needed hope and inspiration.
Isn’t that pretty?
Who owns an Island with a house like this?
Daily sunset view from the back of our boat at Marlin Bay.
And then the moon comes up in the east.
Every one is always happy to see this guy come around to pump everyone out.
What the heck, another picture of our domicile sitting at Marlin Bay.


4 thoughts on “Moving thru South Florida and halfway on the Loop”

  1. Wow, I think you get more visitors than we do back home. Mr. and Mrs. Popular. Stay safe and keep having fun! I like the theory of “what a ride”. It's great that you guys went for the adventure. Anxious to have a beer together and hear more details. Joe

    —Reply posted by Mamo, David on 1/17/2020

    Looking forward to that Heineken. 

  2. Baker, Rose Dave Rave 1/24/2020
    Edit Delete Reply
    Ahoy Dave & Val!

    Love looking at the pics and reliving the incredible locations you are traveling through. Just wanted to comment per your statement re “what to do post loop,” haha there really is a thing called post looper letdown! (we are still trying to figure that out as well and we finished back in Aug’19;) We had the “go slow” boat so it’s def interesting to see your comments on the speed in which you’re able to travel. We did the “crossing” via Big Bend in three days. We’ll look forward to meeting up with y’all when you get home! I’ll def show the local looper wannabees your blog next week when we all meet up. Save travels!

    Rose & Dave (sunshine rose) Milford, MI

    —Reply posted by Mamo, David on 1/24/2020
    Hello Rose and Dave,

    We look forward to meeting you next July. Thanks for commenting.

    Dave and Val


    Carmen Mamo How nice.

    Steven Andrew Find a place for us to retire in the Keys too!

    David Mamo So far we like Key Colony and Sombrero Beach. Long Boat Key too, but that’s more north

    David Mamo Add Plantation Key by Islamadora

    Carmen Mamo Love to. Find me one.

  4. Facebook comments on Christmas lights:

    Melissa Wilson Merry Christmas ??

    Cindy Yassay Omgosh. Aren’t you tired of that warm weather and those beautiful lights that don’t blow out from electrical shortages caused by rain and snow when you use an indoor only extension cord outside ??. Merry Christmas you two. Enjoy. ❣️?❣️

    Don Mamo Merry Christmas

    Linda Reed Same to You both

    Loretta Van Schoyck Back at you both! ??

    Janine Martell

    Curtis Weatherly Merry Christmas my friends!

    Carmen Mamo Beautiful lights. Merry Christmas in sunny Florida.?❤️

    Curt Werner Merry Christmas David

    Frank Seipp Merry Christmas

    Connie Naudi Happy Christmas from MALTA

    Diane Hurych Merry Christmas

    James Christmas Merry Christmas David Mamo…????‼️

    Jeanne Wunderle No Michigan weather! Merry Christmas!

    Rick Wilson Any snow? Lol

    David Mamo No but it was raining and 60 yesterday. 75 today

    Ken Eckerd Merry Christmas ??

    Dave Gallant Merry Christmas. Enjoy this wonderful day. Peace

    Barbara Henk Merry back to you both! ?☀️

    David Mamo Thanks Merry Christmas

    Cesolin Tesolin Merry Christmas to you both⛄️

    David Mamo Merry Christmas

    Troy Parent You as well

    Janet Hawbaker Day Merry Christmas! Nice day here, it was 61 and sunny.

    Marla Smith Merry Christmas!!

    Walt Holden Well it awesome that ur there and enjoying the warmth and not here with up and down temperatures we’re having
    Merry Christmas

    Rachel Marie Merry Christmas

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