Heading North from the Keys.

On Friday January 31,2020, we made a big U-turn under the 7 Mile Bridge from the Gulf of Mexico and started traveling in the Atlantic Hawk Channel back towards home. Leaving Marathon Key and heading to Key Largo after a one month stay was a little hard to do. We did enjoy our stay at Marlin Bay Yacht Resort as it was very comfortable and the weather was the warmest in the US. Swimming, fishing, snorkeling, and touring the keys from Key West to Islamorada with a rented car gave us the freedom of wheels that we missed while being on the boat for so long. We met many new friends that either where at the marina on a boat or staying in the condos. Life long friends Barb and Joe Henk even came down to visit us, those crazy rascals. They surprised us with their visit but the surprise was on them too because we changed our plans and did not take our boat to Key West. Luckily, we both had rented cars and we took turns driving 50 miles to see each other.

Key west was a favorite spot and we took three trips there. One day was on my 60th birthday on a beautiful sunny, windy, and hot day. The keys are a special place and I believe that we will be back again. If we would buy a winter house, it would probably be at Sombrero Beach, Key Colony, or Plantation Key.

Leaving Marlin Bay Marina in Marathon, FL and heading back north after 6 months, 229 hours of run time, 3,547 miles, and 3,325 gallons of fuel. Average of 15.5 MPH, and 1.07 MPG. Not bad for pushing 30,000 pounds around at a cruising speed of 31 MPH.
Joe and Barb Henk decided to take a vacation and come see us in the Keys
Having dinner at Sunset Grill 7 mile bridge.
Sunset walk at Key West on the docks.
We get to Face Time with Wyatt often
Grandma Val found a substitute, Stevie.
Boat neighbors Katie, Steve and little Stevie from Long Island, NY.
This was our boat neighbors Debbie and Tom Bender also from Long Island, NY. We were parked right next to them at Marlin Bay.
We went to Key West to see Franklin Graham.
Shopping and eating is what you do in Key West.
This is called a bow thruster, it helps you when you are docking.
Snorkeling at Sombrero Reef, why didn’t somebody tell me I was so damn bald.
Found it.
It’s actually 93 miles to Cuba, but who’s counting.
Key West Cool Indian.
PG rated pic of Joe and Barb
Val caught a Bone fish, we also caught Mangrove Snappers, a Spanish Mackerel, a Sandtile fish, Pompanos, and many Grunts.
Fishing between the old and new 7 Mile bridge, did you know it was a 1905 railroad bridge first until a hurricane took many bridges out in 1935.
This is a fresh as it gets folks.
Is this true?
Southern most House in the US.
Off the back of our boat in port at Marlin Bay, we weren’t allowed to fish in the marina.
Off the back of our boat for one month at Marlin Bay in Marathon.
Pleasant concert in the park on Plantation Key.
Our new parking spot in Key Largo at Marina Del Mar. Eric and Kristen are schedule to come and visit. Next stop Bahamas baby.
And we leave you with this. Not related to the Willie T’s in the BVI.
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  • Carmen Mamo Very nice pictures. You both look tanned. Very rare sign to see here. Looks like your really enjoying yourselves. Take care and be safe. Thanks for sharing.❤️
  • Cindy Yassay Enjoy!! Trip half over. Wow.
  • Melissa Wilson Looks like a wonderful trip. Love the pics
  • Gayle Court Spiteri What a wonderful trip and memories to last a lifetime.
    • David Mamo We plan to make a tabletop hard cover book at the end from the blog. Including all your comments.
  • Jeanne Wunderle The two of you look fantastic! So glad you are having this trip of a lifetime!

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