Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, and South Seas on Captiva

 It is time in our schedule to slow down and start to enjoy the Florida weather for the winter.  The Holiday season is upon us and this will be the first time that we are going to spend the entire winter outside of Michigan.  Val and I both feel it is a bit hard to get into the holiday spirit with the warmer weather and lack of the season changes.  When we watch the weather reports of back home, it is not hard to remember what the past 60 years of Michigan winters are like.  It is obvious to us why so many people are snow birds and spend the winters down here. 

We had a great visit by Eric, Matt and Wyatt over the Thanksgiving weekend and had a nice visit with Val's dad Bob after that in Titusville.  For Thanksgiving dinner, our boating friends, Maggie and Roger from Lk. Saint Clair invited us to their house on Cape Coral. 

The Legacy Harbor in downtown Fort Myers is a favorite Looper Stop and it is a short walk to the downtown district.  It was a great place for the visit from the young men. We took a nice boat ride to South Seas Resort on Captiva Island for a relaxing day on the beach and pool.  The next day Eric, Matt, and I took the boat out for a full day of fishing on the Caloosahatchee River while Val got to spend time with Wyatt at the pool and shopping.

After two weeks at the Legacy, on December 9th, we set off for the Pink Shell Marina near Fort Myers Beach on Estero Island.  This is a nice resort with two pools, a beach on the Gulf, 1 mile from Fort Myers Beach and a trolley that will take you anywhere for 75 cents. Our boat was docked on the other side of the resort on the North Estero Bay Intercoastal where we watched all the pleasure craft, shrimp boats, and the Key West Express go by daily.  The dinghy got a lot of use going to Roger and Maggie's place, local restaurants, Sanibel Island, and Lovers Key.

Our plan is to travel by car to Bob's for Christmas in Titusville and move our boat to Marco Island on the December 29th.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Sea Major.

The Mamo Men
Punta Gorda Fishermen’s Village.
Legacy Harbor had many boats larger than ours.  
Wyatt turned 1 year old
Wyatt and Grandma
Relaxing at South Seas Resort, Captiva Island.
Eric and Matt took the dinghy out to try fishing near the bridge.
I stayed on the boat and caught this Pompano, undersized I had to throw it back.
Chilling on the boat.
Wyatt always has a good view of the world.
Maggie and Roger from Fenton also live in Cape Coral and we spent a couple nice dinners with them including Thanksgiving.
Bob Wilson says come visit him any time in Titusville, FL
Best sunset picture in Fort Myers.
Off to Lovers Key with Val.
Lovers Key is for old people too.
Pink Shell Sunset.
Pink Shell Marina.
Many shrimp boats come by our dock.
The local pirate ship at sunset.  The beatings will stop when morale improves.
Just another sunset with Christmas lights.
Grandma Dots restaurant on Sanibel is always a good stop.
Fishing on a nice calm day.
We saw Val’s brother Rick at Pink Shell. Not really but we do see so many people that are twins to people we know.  Maybe we are just home sick.
Always be careful when you anchor in a tidal area, look at the sail boat on the top right.
Boaters trying to get into the Christmas Spirit.
Heading into a 6 inch deep lock with the dinghy.
Sunset at Legacy Harbor.
The Beautiful ground at the Church of the Ascension Fort Myers Beach.
Any boat, it’s true.
Merry Christmas to all says Wyatt, and a happy New Year.


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    Chuck Luke

    Rick Mattson Merry Christmas from MI

    David Mamo Thanks Merry Christmas

    Carmen Mamo I’ll trade place with you if you want to get into the Christmas spirt.?

    David Mamo Thanks Merry Christmas

    Frank Seipp Looking good! Enjoy the sun.

    David Mamo Thanks Merry Christmas

    Steve Atkinson Very cool, and happy for you Dave, but what’s up with 3 of the 4 Mamo boys wearing jeans in FL? Merry Christmas to you all.

    David Mamo They were flying back to Flint. Thanks Steve

    Jeanne Wunderle So glad to see your family celebrating together…and what a beautiful place to be!

    David Mamo Thanks, Merry Christmas

    Jeanne Wunderle And to yours. Merry Christmas!

    JR Yono Mary?Christmas and happy?and safe new year???

    David Mamo Thanks bro, Merry Christmas

    Kim Price Looks like the Holidays are being good to you

    David Mamo Merry Christmas Kim

    Gayle Court Spiteri Great photos! My grandparents lived in Punta Gorda and we went to Fisherman’s Village many times. My parents lived in Port Charlotte, so we spent many spring breaks there. So glad you two are enjoying the wonderful weather and visits with family. Merry Christmas!

    David Mamo Thanks Gayle, Merry Christmas to y’all.

    Kent Pennington Looks like it’s been a blast so far!

    David Mamo I saw you were in FL recently, Merry Christmas

    Kent Pennington Merry Christmas to you! Yeah we were down two separate times but unfortunately still I couple hours from you at the closest point. Enjoy yourselves! ??

    Bob Wilson Nice write up Dave see you. And Val at Christmas

    Bud Pennington Dave,
    There’s a place on the other side of Marco Island called Port of the Islands, it has a nice marina, about 4 miles up a canal from the 10,000 islands area real quiet area to spend a couple days, it’s on the edge of the Everglades so there are not…See More

    David Mamo replied

    Richard W Steffens Great area. Have a wonderful time.

    David Mamo replied

    Bud Pennington I’m not sure that I’ll be down there art the same time you are there, if I was I would definitely hook up with you and show you some of the great areas in the Everglades….


    Valerie Mamo Beautiful ❤️

    Connie Naudi

    Barbara Henk WOW! We’re just leaving ?

    Gayle Court Spiteri So pretty & peaceful

    Carmen Mamo Good night. What’s the temperature?

    David Mamo 70 now. High 80, low 65

    Carmen Mamo David Mamo how nice.

    James Christmas Beautiful David Mamo, That’s Where my Sister Lives…???‼️

    Jeanne Wunderle A postcard photo!

    Loretta Van Schoyck

    Lori Weatherly Absolutely stunning!!

    Cesolin Tesolin Oh woooow. Beautiful

    Lori Gamboa Holtz Gorgeous

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