Saugatuck and South Haven


Tuesday the 20th, we pulled into Singapore Yacht Club for 5 nights in Saugatuck and it was a lot of fun for us . The first day we settled in and took a bus ride to the grocery store in Douglas.  The second day we took the 1857 Chain Ferry across the river and walked to world famous Oval Beach.  The next three days we had 10 family and friends visit and almost 12 if Cindy and Tom T. made it.  4 visitors were planned and the others we just happened to run into.  

If you have not been to Saugatuck, go.  This is the first time in 14 ports that we actually ran into people that we know and it must mean that we should go back ourselves. It is a very nice town and a pleasure to boat to.

On Sunday the 25th, we headed out on following seas to South Haven for three nights.  This will be our last port in Michigan with Portage, IN next and then it’s to Chicago, IL.  South Haven has a beautiful beach and the Municipal Marina is a nice place to stay. The town is pretty big and the bus service let us take a $1.25 ride to Meijer’s and back. It’s always fun to walk all the shops in town for exercise.  South Haven is best known for their sunsets, but it rained quite a bit here and we hope the weather will break on Wednesday to let us continue on our way.

Tip of the day: Wave height is measured from the flat sea to the top of the wave by NOAA. When your boating in 2′  waves, you see the top and the bottom swell so it looks and feels like 4′. When they say small craft advisory with 3-4″ waves increasing to 5-6′, it feels like 6-8′ increasing to 10-12′.


Willow tree at Singapore Yacht club in Saugatuck


Coming into Saugatuck with the last chain ferry in the country crossing in front of us.


World Famous Oval Beach


Rule #1, never put a noodle under your shirt!


Cindy and Mark stopped by for a nice afternoon and evening. I even ran into Mark’s brother on Saturday night.


Matt and Wyatt. As Wyatt grows, so does Matt’s ears.


Ok, last one.


Brother Don and Tammy just happened to drop in on us for some blueberry crisp
Isabell, her mom, and Craig just happened to stop by as well.  It was great to see them.


A concert in the park with added scenery





Sunset in South Haven


South Haven lighthouse at sunset.


Lunch at Lue’s bar.


South Haven


The Marina is little slow this time of year on a Monday.



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