We pulled into Mackinaw City Municipal Marina on Sunday the 28th for 4 nights, one day early.  We got to relax and catch up  Monday and on Tuesday we took a Shepler's Ferry to Mackinaw Island for a day of walking and taking in the smell of all the horse manure.  I do miss the smell since I gave up my 2 horses a year ago last spring in preparation of this loop.  Loopers Phil and Barbara on "Meant To Be" (a Tiara), from Georgia stopped by at port and had some great stories for us. Today, we had our first visitors from home, Bud Pennington and Nancy.  We spent most of the day today booking marinas for the next month, and cleaning the inside and outside of the boat. It was a beautiful day today, low winds, sunny, 50 deg. in the morning, mid 70's in the afternoon.  We leave for Beaver Island in the morning on a clean, fueled, and ready to go boat on a nice calm day across the Straights of Mackinaw.








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  1. Pawloske, Cathy-Derek

    Looks like you guys are having a great time be safe and have fun Derek and Cathy

    —Reply posted by Mamo, David on 8/3/2019

    Thank you Cathy and Derek.

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