First Left Turn


We made our first major Left turn into lake Michigan on a beautiful calm day Thursday August 1st and made way to Beaver Island.  The loop is a counter clockwise route made up of many left turns with multiple side trips. Our next major left turn will be into Chicago and down the Illinois river around September, 1st, and then into the Gulf of Mexico by November 1st.

Baroque on Beaver Island, a Classical Music Festival, is a week long event performed by professional musicians and singers.  It was very well put together with difficult music.  Val's Violin Coach Marla and her friends do this every year and it is worth coming to.

The laid back atmosphere of this island is relaxing and rush hour traffic is, well there is no rush hour traffic.  The businesses were very busy and it is a good thing for a seasonal community that has 5,000 residents in the summer and 500 in the winter.

There is a lot of cool history here on Beaver Island, including the fact that this was an independent country at one time with a Mormon King.

Many boaters use this island as stop over between Wisconsin and Michigan.  We met platinum loopers from the "Gypsy" which means they  completed the loop twice.  This is a stop definitely worth coming back to Beaver Island.

The Mackinaw Bridge Separates Lake Huron and Lake Michigan

Heading West into Lake Michigan

Looking East into St. James Harbor

Beaver Island Municipal Marina with our little boat
Sunrise at Beaver Island

Sucker Point Beaver Island

Such clear water you can easily see 40′ down.
You don’t need a safety plan on Beaver Island

Professionals from many states and abroad

Amazing orchestra of professionals coming together for excellent concerts daily
Musicians Marla, Connie, Steve and Tom joined us for a nice day trip.
1928 Custom Family Boat

Beaver Island

CMU Research Center


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    • Cesolin T Beaver Island looks beautiful. Timing was great for weather,concert and friends ??
    • Barbara H So glad you made it to your music festival on time. All the photos are gorgeous! Hope the next lap is as easy as your last.
      Smooth travels! ??
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    • Bud P After looking at the map, I guess you've got quite a few left hand turns ahead of you….  ??????

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