Tennessee/Tombigbee 2nd leg and to the Gulf.


 We made it to the Gulf of Mexico! It was nice to be in Mobile Bay and then Orange Beach, Alabama Val said we could have drove our car 1,050 miles for 15 hours in two days, but no, we had to take our boat 2,562 miles for 3 months.  Most Loopers do a combination of staying in marinas and anchoring out and the two reasons they do this is to save money or because of their range of the slow go at 8 mph, or both. Since we cruise as a go fast boat at 30 mph, we opted to stay in marinas as much as we can.  We had to anchor out one time in the Tem/Tom because we hit another log and bent our prop again. We could only travel at 13mph for 130 miles to Dog River Marina in Mobile Bay, AL.  I changed out our props with our spare set and continued on to Fairhope and then to Orange Beach Marina.  All the marinas we stayed at were very accommodating and there we many Loopers that were coming and going.  At Demopolis, there were as many as 20 looper boats getting ready for the last 220 mile run with only one marina called Bobby's Fish Camp. Instead of rafting off on a small dock at Bobby's, we cruised past it for another 60 miles and anchored at Three Rivers Lake. That made for an 80 mile run the next day to Dog River Marina where they pulled the boat out of the water so I could change the props out.  We are working our way east in the Intercoastal to Florida.

Stayed tuned for the next big run for 170 miles across the Pan Handle from Carrabelle to Tarpon Springs 120 miles off shore.

Tip of the day: Washing your boat is contagious, every time I wash our boat, it makes everyone else start washing theirs.

Changing out the Port Side props at Dog River Marina in Mobile Bay, Al.
Nice river system scenery in Alabama.
King Fisher Bay marina in Demopolis.
The nightly Looper dock tails meeting about the rivers and weather. Go, no go.
St. Leo’s only sat 200 people and there were 200 people at mass.
St. Thomas By the Sea in Orange Beach was quite a bit larger.
6:30 AM in the Demopolis Lock with 8 Loopers
The slips in the south are mostly covered.
Bobby’s Fish camp is know for their Cat Fish dinner, not their great dock.
First pelican on the river, getting closer.
Mobile Bay, AL
Mobile Bay, AL. A very busy port with container ships and Tows.
Fairhope, AL was a nice little town.
Orange Beach, AL. Finally, the Gulf of Mexico.

                                                                                                                             The Colorado Trail.


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  1. Ahoy Matey!!! is that Dave Mamo playing the guitar and singing or Jimmy Buffett? I couldn't tell!! looks like you are having fun.

    —Reply posted by Mamo, David on 11/13/2019

    Hello John the Babtist.

    I was fe ed ling a little country after all th hose rivers. Any request?

  2. Facebook posts:

    Chuck Luke Your trip sounds pretty damn cool. I’ll bet you two will have some good stories to tell when the trip is complete. I’m curious on changing out your prop, wouldn’t it be easier and less expensive to just change it out with scuba gear? I only ask because I dive and thought that it probably wouldn’t be that bad to do.

    David Mamo Hi Chuck. The Volvo/Penta IPS pod drives have 2 props facing forward for each engine. It could be done under water but it takes almost three hands to do it. The price difference would be negligible and it’s much easier out of the water.

    Bud Pennington Very interesting design, I’ve never seem this style before….
    Any idea why they put the props in front of the lower end?????
    Might not fully protect the prop from damage, but it just seems like the lower end would deflect at least some debris away from the prop?

    Bud Pennington I’m sure there must be a good reason, other than the designers brother owns the prop company….. ???
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    David Mamo The whole pods turn independent of each other to steer the boat. It is cruise ship technology and they actually pull the boat instead of push.
    About 35% more fuel efficient but you pay in props.

    Bud Pennington That is wild, so if you want to pull away from the dock the lower end rotates 90° and moves you sideways?????

    David Mamo Yes

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