Traverse City

Ah, Traverse City, where I once shook President Gerald Fords hand at the annual Cherry Festival parade as a kid.  If I was commissioned to build a marina, I would copy this one.  The Harbor Master gave us a slip at “A” Dock #19 close to the club house with a great view.  We spent four nights hear coming in on Aug. 12th from Suttons Bay on a calm sunny morning.  The weather was a bit cool and cloudy these last few days but typical of a Michigan summer vacation with cool nights and nice days.

On the 13th, we took a bus tour of wine country and Brys Estates is still our favorite one with the best Cheese and Charcuterie boards and views of traverse bay.  On the 14th, Sally Wunderle-Seipp and hubby Frank paid us a visit and we went for a little cruise and a nice dinner at Apache Trout.  We haven’t seen Sally for about 10 years when we were heavily into archery competition and it was sure nice spending time with them.

We walked the town many times in the last few days shopping and even took care of a lot of things like hair and nails for Val.  Bill at Blue Water Sail and Canvas did a great job in a timely fashion getting repairs done on our seat cover. We even took the dinghy out to go grocery shopping at Tom’s on Bay Street.  There where 4 other looper boats plus one Gold looper here and we stayed right next to Jim and Julie on “Journey” from Virginia who have been looping since May.

You can track all the boats on an app called Nebo and look for the AGLCA logo for loopers.  You can even see us moving while you are logged in. Off to Leland this morning.

Tip of the day: You can use your coaster on the top of your wine glass to keep out fruit flies.


Traverse City Marina under a full moon


Coming into Traverse City


Brys Estates, wine country


Sally, Frank, and Val


Bill at Blue Water Sail shop repairing our seat cover.


Traverse city sunset


Another Sunset
1958 Sears Ted Williams with an auto baler that runs of the engine with a hose


Watching the moon set in the west as the sun rises in the east at 7:07 AM


Loopers “Journey” on an early morning cruise to Leland, MI from Traverse City
    • That’s so beautiful. What a view to wake up to.
      Enjoy! 😁😁😁😁
      David Mamo
       darn, I thought I’d catch up with you & Val. Looks like you are having a great time!
      Where is your next stop?
      We are in Leland, what a great little town. I would come back by land or sea.
      David Mamo
       just wondered about Labor Day weekend if you’d be in the South Haven area.
      What a fantastic experience you are having!

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  1. I have to say, your blogging skills continue to improve. Very interesting hearing your experiences and I like the “tip of the day”. The photos are great as well. Keep up the good work and enjoy the journey! Joe Henk

    —Reply posted by Mamo, David on 8/20/2019

    Thanks brother Joe.

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    • Carmen M That's so beautiful. What a view to wake up to.
    • Bud P Enjoy! ????????
    • Gayle Court S Where is your next stop?
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    • Janine M What a fantastic experience you are having!1

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