Bahamas-2.0, Florida, and the Covid 19 Virus

Since our last post, the world has stopped due to the Corona Covid 19 Virus. Luckily, we have not heard of any family or friends that have suffered from this pandemic. Camping on the water for the last 8 months and doing the loop has forced us to coexist in an area the size of a master bedroom. “The Stay At Home” orders are inconvenient, but now you all know now how we have been living. Val has been a real trooper putting up with me these last 8 months. Most municipal marinas are shut down, diesel fuel is hit and miss, and any marina that we stay at has limited slips with limited accommodations.

The Bahamas were great and the 5 weeks we spent there was not long enough. At trip back to the Bahamas is in our future and we plan to spend more time there. Due to the Level 4 Travel Advisory, we left one week early and made our way back to the US. We secured a slip at Old Port Cove Marina in North Palm Beach, right next to Tiger Woods. Visiting Jupiter, West Palm Beach and all of the surrounding area was not going to happen. All we did is walk 3/4 of a mile to West Marine, Doris Italian Market and Publix multiple times for 10 days. We then made way to Ocean Club Marina, Port Canaveral and rented a car for three weeks. Budget tried to rent us a car with New York plates and I said no way, so I got a nice Jeep with Michigan plates. Val’s Dad lives in the area and we wanted to spend more time with him but we could only make one short visit due to the circumstances.

Here we sit, working on boat projects and planning our next 3 months of how we are going to get past NY and through the Erie Canal to make it home, Corona free, by July 4th.

Good luck to all and stay safe my friends.

It’s better to waste time doing something than to waste time doing nothing.

Chub Cay is a private Island with the nicest Marina in the Bahamas. Many sport fishing boats and mega yachts visit this island for the pool, restaurant and the best fishing in the world.
It was fun watching all the boats come in and out of Chub. This Sport Fisher showed his true colors all night.
The pool at Chub had a great view.
Fishing with the dinghy was always fun and Val usually had the hot hand. I caught this trigger fish and cleaning him was a chore because of the thick skin, but it was tasty.
Ramone took me out for a day of fishing and we caught two Wahoo and one Mahi Dolphin.
Val caught this bone fish and many other kinds including a little tuna.
Val catches fish, I eat fish. That’s how we roll.
These two nurse sharks kept visiting us while we fished in 8′ of water.
Serena from NJ is a beautiful sail boat.
This young osprey kept landing on and bending all the weather vanes on the sail boats.

I got to help a mast climbing to repair the weather vain.

We decided not to go to Great Harbor and head back to the US. Three days later, they shut down Bahamas to island travel.
The 177 mile trip was very nice with following seas and a Gulf Stream that helped push us back.

The Trip Back to US

These Disney ships were anchored outside of the Bahamas, we saw many cruise ships along the way back to the US.

We felt very small in Old Port Cove. It’s been funny that sometimes we had one of the biggest boats and other times we had one of the smallest.
Tiger Woods Yacht “Privacy” was at the end of our dock in Old Port Cove.
We don’t know if Tiger was ever there in his 155′ yacht.
Sunrise in North Palm Beach.
Val kept herself busy catching many cat fish off the dock at Old Port Cove Marina, and she kept me busy unhooking them for her.
West Marine made out pretty good with us being so bored, now I’m ready for the big ones.
Hey, there goes our boat buddies Betsy, Geoff, and Jeff heading home to Santa Rosa Beach, FL. and California. We met them at Chub Cay, Highborne Cay, Spanish Wells, and Old port Cove. We tried to go back to Harbor Island one day to meet them but turned around in high seas.
One thing about living on a boat, you can say, “let’s get outa here”. After Val did a couple loads of laundry and I checked the weather, we were off like a dirty shirt by 9:30 am to Port Canaveral on the outside. That means we didn’t stay in the Intercoastal and we were 3-5 miles out in the Atlantic.

On to Port Canaveral

Coming into Port Canaveral we say many Cruise ships.
I have no idea what this is for, but it’s a cool picture.
The effects of the Corona Virus.
We wanted to spend two weeks with Val’s dad Bob Wilson but we spent one hour with him because of the stupid Virus and the stupid social distancing and the stupid lock down. We sure did not want to get him sick so I cut the grass and Val gave him the supplies we brought to him and we said goodbye.
You can walk, run, fish, and swim, but you can’t lay on the beach. Stupid?
Time to catch up on boat projects. I like this stuff the best so far.
It’s not so bad here.
Cape Canaveral Beach, 4/4/2020
Sitting in the boat on a rainy day, working on the blog, and thinking about the Bahamas.

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  • Linda Reed Was thinking of you when I read the Bahamas shut down their borders… stay safe friends and hope to see you all again once this crisis is over
    • David Mamo Tell Gary I made 177 miles in 7.25 hours in our little runabout.
  • Kim Price Glad you made it back safely. Now you get to enjoy Florida for another 3 weeks. Rough retired life.
  • Bud Pennington Dave and Val,
    Be safe!
    I’m glad you made it back to the USA safely!!!
  • Cindy Yassay Welcome home. ??1Delete or hide this
  • Laura Boodaghian Stay out at sea and fish all day! It’s very dangerous. Hospitals are practically at full capacity and lack PPE. Virus lives on surfaces 10-20 days. Aerosol
  • Lori Gamboa Holtz Glad you’re back to the US. Be safe
  • Carmen Mamo Welcome back. Glad you made it back safe. What a view you have. When you see all that beauty right in front of you it’s hard to believe that all these horrible things happening in the world. Stay safe. Love Carmen❤️?
  • Mike Kogelschatz Looks like Lake Worth FL. I am about 180 mi north in New Smyrna Beach. Let me know if you need anything Dave.
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  • Steven Andrew Glad to see you had a good crossing. Be safe!
  • Cathy Mamo Dedakis Stay safe
  • David Mamo If you can zoom into the yacht in the background named “Privacy”. Tiger Woods happens to own it. We’re on the same dock. Holly Smokes.
  • Cesolin Tesolin Glad you made it safely back to the states. Self quarantine on the boat can’t be to bad?1Delete or hide this
  • Tama Feigley Glad you got out while you could. Enjoy the sun, it’s still cold here. Stay safe
  • Bud Pennington Dave,
    Watch out for crazy ladys running around with golf clubs in their hands!!!! ???
    • Katie Brown Val and Dave – glad to see you are safe and sound. Wishing we were social distancing in the best way possible as well – on the water! Stevie says hi neighbor! Stay well.
    • Valerie Mamo Thx Katie. Bittersweet to be back. Hi to Steve & hugs to my honorary grandson who I may add is adorable.
  • Barbara Henk So glad to hear about your run there. Sounds like it was meant to b. Enjoy the sun! Not much of that going around here. Relax now! ??
  • JR Yono Enjoy my friend be safe
  • Jeanne Wunderle Thinking of you. Be well and enjoy the pretty view!
  • Don Anderson Hey Dave when you talk to tiger woods tell him you use a driver on a par three at 120 yards have a safe trip1Delete or hide this
  • Walt Holden I have lime if u have corona welcome back

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  • Cindy Yassay Great picture!! Glad you were able to visit. Our best to all of you. ?
  • Jane Biggs Great picture Valerie. I haven’t seen any of your family in so many years
  • Carmen Mamo Nice picture. Nice to see you smiling. Not to many people smiling here.❤️
  • Diane Thomas Oh my he looks so good. I bet you guys gave him such a big relief filling up his pantry and then yard work to boot.Hide or report this
  • Linda Reed Yeah we are trying to do the shopping for our parents too
    • Valerie Mamo Tried to talk him into home food delivery, nope.
    • Linda Reed Valerie Mamo my parents will if needed but when we need stuff we shop for them too… how long you at cape canaveral
  • Valerie Mamo it is
  • Tammy Mamo How nice ?Hide or report this
  • Jeanne Wunderle Looks like you’re surviving & thriving! Like those smiles!
  • Dennis Glasgow Hay Bob, your looking good!
    I thought you move to northern Michigan, looks like you’re in Florida
  • Bob Wilson Dennis Glasgow Hi Dennis glad to hear from you .My wife passed away last year so rather than shovel snow I decided to fight the Florida heat. I am in Titusville Fl.
  • Dennis Glasgow Bob Wilson so sorry for your loss, it’s good to hear your doing well! Pat and I were supposed to be in Florida for the month of March but because Of coronavirus we cut it short and left after 2 weeks.
    I still remember when we met 1969 Zug Island
    Donald Miller Company, Bill Kurtzhals named you the rich Mr Wilson that was 51 years ago
    Time flys stay safe old friend ?
  • Jeanne Wunderle We’re isolating, but no beautiful views of the ocean! Be careful and be well, Dave & Valerie.
  • Linda Reed David Mamo so far so good too just miss going out and eating at a restaurant

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