Heading North from Florida to Hilton Head, SC during a Pandemic.

From Port Canaveral, St. Augustine, Jekyll Island, and to Hilton Head in 6 weeks. We had to slow down our plans due to the delayed opening of the Erie Canal. We are trying to follow all the rules and we only got to see Val’s dad Bob, twice for two short visits while in Cape Canaveral. For the most part, the marinas have shut down things like pools and Captain Lounges, but they still remain open for transient boaters like ourselves. Going into empty towns and driving by empty beaches has been as eerie as a sci-fi movie. Things seem to be relaxing quite a bit now and so we decided to keep moving north in hopes that the Erie Canal or the Canadian passage will be open by the end of June. The plan was and still is to come back to MacRay Harbor in Lk. St. Clair for the summer. Now we are working on a backup plan to leave the boat in the Chesapeake Bay and finish the loop next year.

There is a lot we are missing in these towns due to the closures, we’ll have to come and explore again.

Tip of the day: What goes around, comes around. Do good and good will come to you.

The Worlds largest Figurative Sundial with Neptune at Shelter Cove Marina on Hilton Head Island, SC.
Fishing was legal so we got to go to the beach and fish.
There were a lot of cruise ships parked on and off shore around Port Canaveral.
The beach Patrol made sure we had our fishing rods and not just sitting around enjoying the beach.
Played some guitar with 2 time around the world sailor Marion Dunsmore at Port Canaveral.
We had the town to ourselves in Cocoa Beach.
Credits to Mike Kogelschatz
Heading North in the Atlantic Ocean on a calm nice day. Photo credits to Mike Kogelschatz
We had the town to ourselves in St. Augustine.

The first Catholic Church in the United States.
St Augustine
Headding north from St Augustine to Jekyll Island
This shipwreck between St Simon Island and Jekyll Island was forced onto a sand bar after it was taking on water. It had over 4,500 Kia cars in it, now it getting cut up and scrapped.
Jekyll Island had great biking paths and a interesting historic district.

The sunset views out our Port Window were very nice for 4 days.
One night at Jekyll Island was not so nice, we had to take cover at the restaurant due to a tornado that touched down within 5 miles.
The Historic Club House
Jekyll Island was nice but we will probably skip it next time due to the no-see-ums, little bugs with big teeth that come out at low tide.
Hey, who’s that in our back yard picking up sticks? Why it’s Wyatt.
Hilton Head SC, was a very nice marina that we do want to go back to, we almost did not leave.

Dolphins at Hilton Head Island
For two weeks we had great sunsets. It never gets old, does it?
Mitch and Susan let us use their bikes for two weeks, and did we ever. Thanks Mitch and Susan.
One of the Wise Men at Salty Dogs at South Beach Hilton Head.
And then, Mitch and Susan let us use their pool while they went away since ours was closed.
The Holy Family Catholic church in Hilton Head was open for visits.
Eric and Kristen came to visit us in Hilton Head, so we thought. Just doubles.
The ranch was closed for riding, bummer.
Uh oh, I had to pull it again. Not for props though, I had to change a hydraulic line for the dinghy lift.
Great golfing with new friends Dave and Kelly at Atlantic Dunes Golf Course in Sea Pines.
I’m going to brag about my birdie on #12 with a 45′ putt.
Think Tides.
There she is, coming down to the floating dock. At high tide, we are level with the top.
One more.
Off to Charleston, SC in the morning.

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