Heading East towards the Statue of Liberty

On September 12, 2020, the Admiral (Val) and I made way on a one week journey to Buffalo, NY. Val wanted to get me started and make sure that everything was working on the boat for the first week. She opted to let me Captain the boat with other crew members for the remainder of the trip down to Florida. Wyatt had a lot to do with this decision. Eric joined me in Buffalo and we traversed the 370 mile Erie Canal with 32 locks for one week. Matt flew into Albany to traverse the Hudson River for the next week to Jersey City, NJ.

It was a great 3 weeks traveling down Lake Erie and the rivers and I am blessed to have been able to spend that much time with them. It is not all fun by the way, some days were 13 hours long and then there is always cleaning the boat every day. It is fun work I must say. The history of the water ways are humbling to me, and to think that they created this 100 years ago is amazing.

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