Nashville is one great city.  I lost count after 100 cranes rebuilding this town to accommodate all the people moving here from all over the country.  Talk about Music? This town is all about music.  From the Grand Ole Opry, to Broadway Street, there is music everywhere.  We spent 6 days here at the Commodore Yacht Club, right next to Allen Jackson's three beautiful boats.  The wall in downtown Nashville did not look like a nice place to keep our boat for the 6 days so we cancelled that reservation.  This is a town to spend more time at or come back to again.  The Cumberland river 160 mile one way trip took us two days each way.  Clarksville Marina was our choice to stay between Green Turtle Bay and Nashville.  Clarksville was a nice little town with a lot of history and a great restaurant with good key lime pie.  We are back at Green Turtle Bay for a few days and then we start heading down the Tennessee river towards Mobile Alabama. We have to stay out of the Gulf until November 1st for insurance reasons because of hurricane season.  

The legend Jonny Cash
Grand Ole Opry
The Bacon Brothers with actor Kevin Baker
Blue Bird Café is a great place to go and hear music if you can get in.

“The Chain of Love” song writer Rory Feek was this close with 4 other performers at the Blue Bird Café.
The “Studio B” tour was fantastic.  This is the 1942 Steinway Model B Grand Piano that 1000’s of hit record hits were recorded with.  It was Elvis Presley’s favorite piano.  We have a 1956 at home if you want to come play it next year.

Elvis bought a new Cadillac every year and would pick some one from the used car lot and buy them one too.
Broadway Street, Nashville on a slow weekday afternoon.

                                                                                 The sounds of Broadway Street, we could hear 5 bands at the same time.

There were many of these party wagons for Bridal Parties.
Alan Jackson’s very nice three boats.
Cumberland River
This guy is traveling Kent Pennington style.
It was probably good we slowed down to no wake for these guys.
The East Wall Dock did not look appealing to us since they did not have facilities or water.  The power was intermittent and sometimes people threw stuff over the bridge onto the boats below.  


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    Jeff Scott Awesome

    Cesolin Tesolin Yaaaaawhooooo

    Diane Thomas What a great time. I was there on a family trip 50 yrs ago. Porter Wagner, dolly Parton, Johnny cash and minnie pearl. Have fun

    Valerie Mamo Diane Thomas I’m liking Nashville. Music all around .

    David Mamo The Bacon Brothers with actor Kevin Baker, who knew.

    Jeanne Wunderle The adventure continues!

    Lauren Micallef In my neck of the woods!

    Lauren Micallef replied

    Curt Werner My son jake is going with the choir in February

    Loretta Van Schoyck Loved it there!

    Carmen Mamo That must have been so much fun.❤️

  2. Shaffer at MI, Mike

    Hey there Dave – thanks for the update!  I did not know that you were into music that much – or is the piano more your wife's thing than yours?

    —Reply posted by Mamo, David on 10/11/2019

    Hi Michael,  Val plays the violin and I play the guitar.  We play the piano very little and our son Eric plays it the most when he is around.  It is a beautiful piece of furniture too.  We think every home should have one.

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