Up the Cumberland River towards Nashville


Our stay at Green Turtle Bay Resort on Lake Barkley, KY for 7 Nights was very nice and relaxing.  The weather was around 90 degrees and sunny for most days. This is a place that many loopers stop in and some stay for as long as one month. We saw many loopers come and go and some were heading south into Kentucky lake towards the Tennessee river and some up the Cumberland towards Nashville.  Those going south might go to Joe Wheeler State park for the yearly Looper Rendezvous or up to Chattanooga before heading to Mobile AL. On Tuesday the 25th, we left for Clarksville, TN up the Cumberland river for a 90 mile run.  Val’s Birthday is today and the weather is cloudy with a good chance of rain.  Yuk, boring. This is a nice marina, but we might not stay here for 6 days as scheduled as this town is not that exciting and there is only a couple things close to this marina.  



This is how we communicate with Tows and Barges on the river.





One whistle, two whistle pass.



Passing a Tow



Cruising up the river


Tom and Connie from rPad are from Oscoda, MI and they completed their loop here at Green Turtle Bay.
Best Yuengling I ever had


Went to a catfish fish fry with entertainment


The Marina was one of the best we stayed at
The wedding Chapel at Patti’s Settlement 1783, Very interesting place to visit
Typical Looper Docktails at the pool
There is a lot of Trump Support Flags in these parts
Sunrise at the Marina
Eagle on the Cumberland
Starting up the river at 7:30 am
We always slow down for fisherman


Clarksville Marina with a Dairy Queen within sight





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    Walt Holden Awesome

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    Tama Feigley Happy Birthday Val

    Jeanne Wunderle Happy Birthday to Val!

    Connie Naudi

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