3 thoughts on “The Great American Loop”

  1. Murphree, Michael

    Good Luck & Safe Travels.

    We are Mike & Jonell Murphree, friends of Rick & Linda Spragg.

    We completed The Loop last August 2018.

    We will be following your voyage, now living vicariously thru you.

    Let us know if we can do anything to help, or if you would just like to meet and talk Looping before your departure.

    Mike & Jonell Murphree

    MV – Gettin’ Looped (class of 2017-2018)


    586 202 6295

    —Reply posted by Mamo, David on 5/30/2019

    Thanks for the nice comment Mike and Jonell, we are getting excited to throw the lines.

  2. We are so excited for you (and jealous)! This is the adventure of a lifetime. Wishing you all the best. We will be watching from afar. Looking forward to hearing about all the adventures. Joe and Barb

    —Reply posted by Mamo, David on 7/26/2019

    Thanks Joe and Barb and thanks for coming out today to help us celebrate our last night before we leave.

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